We have a selection of makeup courses for everyone – The ONE TO ONE is great for those who want to learn how to take your everyday makeup to a new level and bring out the best in you, and the PRO education is if you would like to train and learn how to become a Bridal Makeup Specialist!

Product instructions and advice are included in all the courses, and you are always welcome to bring your own makeup kit to our studio so we can go through it together and find out what is missing or should be replaced.


We will adapt the whole lesson to your needs and most importantly identify your Skin Type, Skin Tone, and Face Shape which will be needed when learning about your face more in-depth.

The lesson will consist of an Alfheim Certified artist applying makeup to one side of your face and you repeating onto the other side – This helps you learn as you go.

You will be using our luxury makeup products and tools, so you have nothing to worry about!

Time: By appointment.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 3.500 DKK

Location: Alfheim Studios in Copenhagen K / Travel to your location can be added upon request.


Our professional makeup training includes 20 hours of training, which you can book yourself for the times that fit your calendar, with a minimum of 4 hours per attendance.

You will learn techniques for all the different skin types, ethnicities and our most requested makeup styles.

What sets our makeup education apart from others is that you are the only participant. Therefore, all time, technique and advice will be based on you and what you need.

Certificate of completion of education is delivered on the final day.

Price: 14.000

Upon admission and after conversation with us, a deposit of DKK 7.000 is paid for booking your place.

Location: Alfheim Studios in Copenhagen K / Travel to your location can be added upon request.


I am ready with my skilled team in connection with specific company events, some examples which we have previously been inquired for with big success has been:

– Makeup pampering before the event starts, whereas we arrive a few hours before and spend an hour / an hour and a half getting the participants ready for the event and learning some individually tailored makeup/hair tricks

– Makeup Masterclass is a popular option, where we will do a look on a model provided by us, for the employees to watch and enjoy together and learn some new tricks

– A different feature such as Creative Makeup / Halloween Makeup can also be organised which is great fun for themed events!

All participants will receive a token gift and a small touch up kit.

Time and price based on the individual appointment.

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