Now is the time to make sure you’ve shared your inspiration photos for hair and makeup, and to consider whether a trial appointment would be helpful. A trial can be scheduled a few weeks or even the day before your wedding, giving you the chance to perfect your look before the big day and reduce stress. You can read more about bridal trials here:

I recommend finding hair and makeup inspiration that matches your eye, hair, and skin color as closely as possible. Try looking through Pinterest or my Instagram page (@tinaonthedaily) for ideas. You can also share photos of previous hairstyles and makeup looks you were happy with for reference.


1. You may want to wear a button up shirt, for easy changing.

2. Wash your hair roots the day before, or the morning of, 2-3 times with shampoo and avoid conditioner. For shampoo, “Living Proof Detox Shampoo” is a good option!

After washing, dry hair completely with a blowdryer while brushing out tangles. Have clean, brushed, and dry hair for best results at your appointment.

For bleached hair, only shampoo roots 1-2 times and use light conditioner from ears down. For curly ladies, please follow your regular routine.

3. Exfoliate and moisturise face and neck the day before. On the wedding morning, only cleanse and moisturise.

4. Keep in mind that a lash lift replaces the option of individual lash clusters.

5. Please prepare an area in front a window with a cleared space for styling products, and request a high chair or bar stool if you are in a hotel for the best angle for makeup application,

If there isn’t a bar stool is available, a chair with 2-3 pillows on top of each other will also work well.

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I look forward to styling you on your wedding day! <3

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