With an enormous amount of talent and ability to create a huge range of simple soft glam bridal looks to make you look and feel simply stunning, and she can certainly create something for anyones personal tastes and wishes.

“Creating bridal looks is such a personal and intimate process. I like to understand clients’ needs and love creating something that makes them feel special and confident.”


Introducing Jane, another amazing member of our makeup and hairstyling team. She was working in Houston, Texas, and then decided to move to Copenhagen – and is now one of our dearest artists at Alfheimbeauty.

Getting married is a dream for so many people and the big day is really emotional. I love playing a part in making someone’s dream become reality!

Whilst working I try to create a great atmosphere and bring fantastic warmth to the process, I like to make people laugh. I think that I have a good sense of humour and it’s a priority to me to leave my clients not just amazed by my work, but with a big smile too!” 

“I started working for MAC Cosmetics in 2000 while in cosmetology school and conducted Master Classes in 2004 for their quarterly update classes.  I worked in and lived in Chicago were I  worked in a salon off the Michigan mile – creating custom mineral based cosmetics. Here I created my own foundations, powders, blushes and eyeshadows for my clients in the heart of Chicago next door to the Four Seasons. Many celebrities and local socialites came here.

I freelanced for Guerlain, Givenchy, and Laura Mercier and more. I began a boudoir studio where I did hair, makeup and photography in my own studio from all 2011 through  2012, when I began doing weddings.”



The answer is simple; experience, education, knowledge and most important they create a stress-free, convenient environment. You want every thing to be perfect on your wedding day and so do they. The last thing you need to stress about is making sure your makeup looks good. Take it easy; hire a professional bridal makeup artist that will come to you on your wedding day.

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