Why is a trial recommended? 

A bridal trial, or as I like to call the appointment a bridal hair and makeup rehearsal, is so important because you get the opportunity to define your look for the big day. A trial is relaxed; you have plenty of time to discuss your bridal beauty vision with the artists. You get to try out the hair and makeup, tweaking it as as you go, so it can be perfected before the “I do”.


We suggest you bring inspiration photos of your favourite hair and makeup looks which can be found on Pinterest, Instagram (You can also check @tinaonthedaily), and even your own pictures where you felt like your hair and makeup made your feel confident.


1. Wearing the same color on your blouse/top for the trial, as you will on your wedding day, helps you get an idea of how the makeup fits your color scheme

2. Wash your hair either the day before or the morning of your trial, preferably two-to-three times with a good shampoo and avoid conditioner if you have fine hair. For very dry or coarse hair, using conditioner from the ears and down is fine

3. Exfoliate your skin every 3-4 days, and the day before your trial/your wedding day to achieve a nice glow. Lather a good serum and moisturiser in the evening before, and the morning of your trial and your wedding day.

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What you can expect from your trial:


A bridal trial is a time to share your ideal hair looks and inspiration pictures with your artist. This allows you and the artist to communicate on your specific needs and wants to see if they are possible. For example, say you have very thin hair and your dream look is a voluminous updo. Your artist will most likely suggest you purchase extensions to achieve this look and can suggest places for you to purchase them. If you had not had your trial, you would be scrambling to find a new style for your hair on your wedding day. Also, by getting your hair done at the trial you are able to wear the style throughout the day to ensure it stays and falls the way you envisioned.


Makeup can look very different on each individual depending on their eye and face shape, skin type, hair color, etc. Your eyeshadow inspiration pictures may look completely different on your eyes then they do on the person in the picture. That is why it is best to tryout these looks before your big day to ensure that you will look your very best. Trials are also a great time to try out air-brush foundation and eyelash options which many people do not wear on their day-to-day. After your trial, you can wear the makeup around and see how your skin reacts with the products. Your artist may need to use a more moisturizing or matte foundation if you decide you look to dry or oily which is a quick fix that you wouldn’t of known about without your trial.

You get to try out the hair and makeup, tweaking it as as you go, so it can be perfected before the “I do”.”

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